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Chamber and solo instrument works

Solitude (2021)
for solo violin
duration: 9′
Fp: Midday Oasis, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 14 Mar 2022; Patrick Yim, violin

Hum and Drum (2017)
for cello and piano
duration: 11′ 30″
Fp: Hong Kong Chamber Music Society, Hong Kong, 25 Nov 2017; Timo-Veikko Valve, cello; Emil Holmström, piano (Helsyd Piano Trio)

Jouhet (2017)
for string quartet
duration: 9′ 40″
Fp: MATA Continued @ ShapeShifter Lab, New York, 17 Dec 2018; Aizuri Quartet: Ariana Kim, Miho Saegusa, violins; Ayane Kozasa, viola; Karen Ouzounian, cello

Taonta (2016)
for piano
duration: 14′ 30″
Fp: Finnland-Institut, Berlin, 1 Dec 2016; Emil Holmström, piano
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Cameo (2015)
for flute, viola, piano
duration: 8′ 15″
Fp: Chelsea Music Festival, New York City, 13 Jun 2015; Malla Vivolin, flute; Derek Mosloff, viola; Emil Holmström, piano
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Prelude (2014)
for piano
duration: 3′
Fp: Chelsea Music Festival: Toccata and Groove, New York City, 13 Jun 2015; Melinda Lee Masur, piano

Like Crows in the Rain (2010)
for soprano, kantele, flute, clarinet, cello
Duration: 7′ 45″
Fp: Church of the Rock, Helsinki, 25 May 2010; Elisabeth Holmertz, soprano; Hedi Viisma, kantele; Hanna Kinnunen, flute; Mikko Raasakka, clarinet and bass clarinet; Seeli Toivio, cello

Lumen nimiä (Names of Snow) (2007)
for piano, violin, cello
duration: 7′ 45″
Fp: Scandinavia House, New York City, 15 May 2007; Susanna Suorttanen, violin; Roi Ruottinen, cello; Ilari Kaila, piano

Kellojen kumarrus — In Memoriam Hanna Sarvala (The Bells Bow Down — In Memoriam Hanna Sarvala) (2006)
for piano and string quartet
duration: 9′
Fp: Emerson String Quartet International Chamber Music Festival, Stony Brook, New York, 5 May 2007; Tuyen Tonnu, piano; Escher String Quartet: Adam Barnett-Hart and Wu Jie, violins; Pierre Lapointe, viola; Andrew Janss, cello
Also exists as a piano concerto version.
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Toccata (2004)
for piano
duration: 10′
Fp: Finnish Music Day, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, 11 Mar 2004; Emil Holmström, piano
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Wisteria (2003)
for string quartet
duration: 6′
Fp: Staller Center for the Arts, Stony Brook, New York, 22 Nov 2004; Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players: Minghuan Xu and Carrie Kennedy, violins; David Hamano, viola; Brian Snow, cello.

Maa hengittää (Earth Breathing) (1999)
for mezzo-soprano, piano, oboe, cello
duration: 6′ 30″
Fp: Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland, spring 2000; Titta Lampela, mezzo-soprano; Emil Holmström, piano; Anni Haapaniemi, oboe; Tuomas Ylinen, cello; Helsinki, 2000

Works for orchestra or large ensemble

Veden väki (The Underwater Folk) (2022)
for chamber orchestra—version A, with solo strings (1111-2110-2perc-pf-11111)
duration: 11′
Fp: Cosmopolis Festival, Hong Kong, 25 Sep 2022; The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Peter Biloen

Iso tammi (The Great Oak) (2014)
for soprano and symphony orchestra
duration: 15′

Concerto for Cello and Chamber Orchestra (2011)
for solo cello, 2222-2200-1perc-65444
duration: 17′ 30″
Fp: Kuopio, Finland, 3 Nov 2011; Roi Ruottinen, cello; Kuopio Symphony Orchestra, cond. Jurjen Hempel
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O Frabjous Day (2010)
for symphony orchestra
duration: 13′
Fp: Staller Center for the Arts, Stony Brook, New York, 26 Feb 2011; Stony Brook Symphony Orchestra, cond. Alan Kay

Kellojen kumarrus — In Memoriam Hanna Sarvala (The Bells Bow Down — In Memoriam Hanna Sarvala) (2006)
for piano and symphony orchestra
duration: 9′
Also exists as a piano quintet version.

Enter Oberon (2005)
for symphony orchestra
duration: 2′ 30″
Fp: Avanti! Summer Sounds Festival, Porvoo, Finland, 30 Jun 2005; Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, cond. Magnus Lindberg

Skarabee (2003, revised 2004)
for symphony orchestra
duration: 8′
Fp: Päijänne sinfonietta, cond. Jani Kyllönen, Jyväskylä, Finland, Oct 2003.
Revised version recorded by the Stony Brook University Symphony Orchestra, cond. Ming Hsin, Stony Brook, New York, Dec 2004

De Profundis (2000)
for chamber orchestra and choir
duration: 7′
Fp: Kuopio, Finland, 2 Oct 2003; Kuopio Symphony Orchestra and Ancora Chamber Choir, cond. Atso Almila

Works for the stage

Dusk (2009) and Evening (2009)
for two western percussionists, Indian percussion (kanchira, mrdangam), singer, two violins
duration: 4′ 43″ + 16′
Two pieces from the group dance work Tejas — Luminous in the South Indian Bharatanatyam idiom, by Malini Srinivasan and Dancers.
Fp: Charles B. Wang Center, Stony Brook, New York, 24 Sep 2009; Nicholas Woodbury, marimba and western percussion; Ilari Kaila, voice and western percussion; Murali Balachandran, South Indian percussion; Trina Basu, violin
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Siva’s Grief
duration: 20′
for South Indian violin, Indian and western percussion, marimba, piano
A solo Bharatanatyam dance piece choreographed and performed by Malini Srinivasan. Music produced in collaboration with the ensemble by means of structured improvisation.
Fp: LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, Queens, New York City; 1-2 Oct 2010.
Trina Basu, violin; Jonathan Singer and Nick Woodbury, percussion; Ilari Kaila, piano


Aizuri Quartet and Adrienne Kim:
The Bells Bow Down — Chamber Music of Ilari Kaila
(Innova Recordings, 2020 — innova 036)

Kaila-Aizuri-Kim The Bells Bow Down

Kirill Kozlovski: Shostakovich in Context
(Pilfink Records, 2017)
featuring Toccata for piano

Kozlovski Shostakovich in Context

Escher String Quartet: Stony Brook Soundings
(Bridge Records, 2009 — BRIDGE 9318)
featuring The Bells Bow Down for piano and string quartet

Escher String Quartet and Friends

Piano Nyt! Contemporary Piano Music from Finland
(Siba Records, 2004 — SACD 14)
featuring Toccata for piano